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“Empowering individuals, transforming communities.”

Our Vision is to support the development of a locally based, board based private sector that upholds its social and environmental obligations, as well as the goals of communities, community-based organizations, and service organizations in creating resources for disadvantaged people’s livelihoods without promising their self-respect. We offer our guidance and resources in the fields down below

Software, Hardware & Security

In this sector, we provide technological and digital support required to the rural community in terms of providing hardware and software, as well as educating the people and our aim to teach them about tech and the digital world, so that they may become a proud part of the Digital India movement. In hopes that these communities can showcase their entrepreneurial spirit to the world.
As well as foster early-stage entrepreneurial ventures based on technology and innovation and to provide a suitable environment for converting knowledge and innovation into a commercial product.

Waste Management

E waste is defined as electronic or electric equipment’s products that have become obsolete because of the advancement of technology or change in fashion. In India alone, 17 tonnes of e-waste is produced and contributes to global warming. Informal waste pickers help India clean up 20% of India’s e waste generated. However these waste pickers do not have the formal recognition, equal rights or a secure or safe livelihood.
At CBSF we aim to educate these people about their rights and at the same time provide the training and the opportunity to learn about technological developments and digitization. This initiative is also with respect to the ‘Clean India’ movement.

Marketing & Promotions

At CBSF we aim to provide assistance to local businesses through our Marketing and Promotion strategies and consultancy. In order to promote employment and bring in more skill based business to flourish and rise to their fullest extent. With good marketing and promotion of these homemade and rural businesses, we not only will provide employment to the community but also help increase the rapport of these businesses so that they are at par with the business in urban areas.
To encourage commerce and business in a way that gives low-income people the chance to become self-sufficient by setting up and making all necessary arrangements that will help those people and microbusinesses who lack access to conventional facilities.

Consultancy & Training

To provide free or subsidised economic, social, political, legal, and cultural support to society for the awareness and betterment of the challenges faced by society, and to eliminate any disparities that are a challenge to the personal and professional growth of society as a whole.
CBSF has its members from all sectors, from legal to finance, hence we also aim to provide training and consultancy in those sectors. For people who want to be something more than just business persons, we shall provide expert advice and help in all sectors. We have people from businesses to non profits, legal strategy , tax laws, information technology, sales and many more to provide guidance and special education in such sectors, for instance, our initiative IndiMojo will help the people by providing them formal education and other special IT and skill based courses.


The backbone of India is agriculture and we at CBSF recognise the power that rural India holds in the agricultural sector of our country. We aim to conduct training and development workshops for the community’s farmers to sync the latest developed technologies and innovation to utilize them and empower themselves. We also aim to provide solutions for other agricultural issues that may arise, along with providing services such as Organic Farming Support, Seed Management Support, FPOs, and much more.


At CBSF we aim to cater to the health care needs of the rural community by providing them medical services and having various medical camps set up periodically in order to prevent diseases and educate the masses about health and nutrition. We will provide primary health care at nominal cost for those in need, as well as set up medical camps whenever and wherever needed. We shall create a safe atmosphere to educate young girls and women about female health care. To provide primary health care to slum dwellers at a low cost, as needed, and to make it accessible to all by providing it at their doorsteps, with a special focus on child health care, teenage girls, and women, and to raise health awareness among poor children, girls, and women.

Financial Inclusion

We at CBSF will work with the Government of India in helping the community with financial aides if required, while we do provide services we shall also provide monetary support, awards and scholarships whenever needed. We hope that this would encourage the people of rural India to fully achieve their goals and aspirations without having to be burdened by the worries of financing themselves. The goal is to achieve poverty eradication in India by providing financial support to a large number of poor people (below the poverty line), with the only purpose of improving the development and economic well-being of rural poor. We achieve this goal by introducing AARAMBH, our initiative to help the people achieve their dreams.

Events & Planning

At CBSF our focus is community, and making the people of that community happy is our ultimate aim. We believe in a sense of community, which arises from bonding together, traveling together and celebrating together. Life should not always be about work, it should also be about exploring and adventuring together as a community. We provide all the help for whatever event you plan, like wedding ceremonies and other ceremonies. We also want the people of rural India to experience all that India has to offer in terms of place, hence we shall sponsor trips for them. The goal is to see the people thrive, economically, socially, culturally and moreover be happy as a community.


To assist, support, and evaluate the implementation of various schemes under the Ministry of Culture pertaining to society, and to facilitate initiatives to persons belonging to poorer sections, either individually or joined together as self-help groups, not for profit, support to poor students belonging to economically disadvantaged, child labourers, disabled, orphans, and proposals for a broader and stronger national culture policy that could in order to achieve a holistic development of rural India, we aim to provide for the elderly, children and women, specifically in all the sectors mentioned before.