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Management Team

Management Team

Raghvendra Singh

Managing Director

Raghvendra’s journey symbolizes the convergence of finance, technology, and an unyielding commitment to spearheading transformative change in development sectors, redefining the narrative of economic empowerment and social progress. His work motto is “We Make IT Happen”.
Management Team

Abhishek Awasthi

Director | Legal & Risk

Abhishek’s legal journey spans 7+ years, marked by a mastery of Credit and Risk Management. He orchestrates operational efficiency, architects strategic policies, and evaluates risks at an organizational level. His toolkit boasts Due Diligence, Business Analysis, and Credit Analysis expertise.
Management Team

Sudheer Pal

Director | Technology

In the symphony of Technology, Finance, and Rural Development, this individual has composed a 5-year opus. Their expertise harmonizes intricately with the grassroots of microfinance systems, conducting the company’s microfinance operations and orchestrating regular branch monitoring.
Management Team

Sugreev Pal

Director | Monitoring

In the intricate tapestry of banking, this seasoned professional holds an 8-year legacy weaving together rural and urban banking realms. Their expertise spans Retail banking, Audit, Investment, and Credit Analysis, with a profound grasp of grassroots Micro Finance intricacies.
Management Team

Aryan Singh

Director | Operations

In the dynamic world of Operations, Aryan has excelled in Credit and Risk Management for over 5 years. His expertise spans diverse branches in Uttar Pradesh pre-AARAMBH, where he contributed to Public and Private sector projects. Currently, at AARAMBH, he navigates operations, people management, Clients Education.
Management Team

Sarvesh Kumar

Director | Legal

Sarvesh, with 5+ years in Law, specializes in Credit and Risk Management, driving operational efficiency and strategic policy formulation. His expertise spans rural, Semi Urban, and Urban branches in Uttar Pradesh. Pre-AARAMBH, he contributed to projects across Public and Private sectors.
Management Team

Sarvendra Kumar

Director | Marketing

An Economics graduate with 5+ years’ experience supporting rural entrepreneurs. Past engagements span programs funded by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, including contributions to NIC and UIDAI’s ‘Rural Industries Programme’.
Management Team

Dev Pratap Singh

Director | Admin

Dev Pratap epitomizes a professional equipped with a dynamic skill set, blending practical grassroots experience with financial acumen, ultimately contributing significantly to fostering inclusive financial systems and rural development initiatives.
Management Team

Abhay Pratap Singh

Director | Credit

Abhay Pratap’s narrative exemplifies a blend of grassroots experience, strategic vision, and a fervent commitment to empowering rural areas, underscoring his role as a driving force for transformative change in the developmental landscape.